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Syndian New Ready Made Meals

It is with great pleasure we announce our recent addition of Ready Made Meals. As our tradition, the newly created meals are made from whole natural foods, minimally processed, plant-based, and gluten-free.

We wanted to bring new meals that are nutritionally balanced, flavoursome but fun, easy to prepare and make staying home a tad easier.

  • · Tofu Crumble (Savoury)

  • · Katsu Curry with Curried Crumbed Schnitzel and Sushi Rice

  • · Vegetable Paella with Original Schnitzel and braised Green Beans

  • · Chili Con Carne with Smokey Black Bean Schnitzel on Jasmine Rice

  • · Chilli Con-Carne

Our new meals are available now exclusively via our Online store.

We have recently expanded our delivery zones to include most areas in NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, & SA. To check your delivery schedule, please see here.

Orders over $100 get free shipping. Minimum orders are $50 plus a $15 shipping fee.

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