Delivery area:

We are servicing now various locations in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT including outer suburbs and major townships. For further information check your Postcode to verify delivery to your area.

At a later stage, we will envisage reaching other cities such Perth, Adelaide Darwin, and Perth.  

Do I need to register?


Yes. As a starting point you will need to register, please provide your details, contact details, and delivery address (can be altered with each order). Registering does NOT mean you entered a contract. You can purchase at any time and the quantity you wish.




At registration please choose your payment method. You can pay with any major credit card, PayPal, or Afterpay.  Once you finished registration you are set to order.

How do I order?


Please browse through the various product category and select the products you wish to purchase, make sure that you visit the “Monthly Special“ page perhaps you might find something you fancy. Once finished click checkout and process your payment.


Delivery times

Place your order by Monday 12 pm for delivery by Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday for Sydney, and Thursday Friday for Vic.  For further questions please call 02 45777551.

How would I receive my order?


Depending on your location, your order will be delivered either in a sturdy cardboard box via a refrigerated vehicle or temperature proof sturdy box via a regular courier. Delivery will be made to your nominated address and is best to store in the fridge or a freezer (depending on your order) as soon as you receive it. If you know the address will not be attended, please make note of that on your order. Please have an Esky with ice or cooling pads inside, in a safe and shaded area. Our driver will place your box in the esky - our box size is L:450mm W:305mm H:280mm. 



Free Delivery and minimum orders

The delivery fee is $15 to all areas and the minimum order is $50. Any purchase over $100 will qualify for free delivery. There is no contract and you can order anytime you wish. However, if you are financially impacted and aren't able to meet the minimum order amount, please don’t hesitate to contact us for consideration. Alternatively, you can apply for our Syndian Family Support offer.