Our foods are designed for individuals and families who do not want to compromise on quality, healthy, and tasty food. Made from 100% natural ingredients, gluten-free, and all vegan meals.  There is something for everyone at any time of the day. We wanted to bring you simple, day to day nutritionally balanced food.

Many new products will be on offer here for the first time, most of them will be exclusive to our Online Store, such as our new range of crumbed nuggets and schnitzels, our new Original sausage with the new amazing flavor, and our stunning new range of Dessert Dips, yes dessert dips which nothing like it in the market and an awesome range of ready meals such as Creamy Mushroom penne pasta or scrambled tofu and smoked Italian sausage with baked bean and kale sauté just to name a few.

Last but not least if you are planning a party or an event, you can access many of Syndian products in a bulk form either the dips which can be purchased in 2kg sizes or the bites or patties which can be purchased in 1kg size.  

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