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New Product Alert: Dessert Dips

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We are pleased to announce our latest product line of Syndian Dessert Dips. We aim to provide healthier and natural options in the dessert category.


The following flavours will be available:

1. Classic Chocolate.

2. Chocolate Hazel Nut

3. Turkish Halva & Roasted Pistachio.

4. Sticky Date Pudding.

5. Peanut Butter and chocolate.


We carefully select ingredients that meet the delicate balance between nutritional balance, health benefits, and, the joyfulness of a sweet treat. We choose minimally processed whole-foods, plant-based, all-natural and gluten-free ingredients.

We based each product on a selected or a combination of pulse and beans; we used chickpeas, white beans (northern beans) and Adzuki beans. We choose these ingredients for their high protein, high fibre, a good source of carbohydrates, and rich vitamins and minerals, just naming a few.


Each product enjoys a specific nut (except the Sticky Date Pudding), like cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, and peanuts. Inhouse roasted and milled to our requirement. Like the beans, we have carefully selected the nuts to match each dip's general flavour profile, add their unique flavour, and contribute to overall nutritional benefits, including its healthier fat, fibre, and protein.


To maximise nutritional benefits and uniqueness to the flavour yet add sweetness to the dip, we use an in-house freshly extracted sugar cane juice. Sourced from sugarcane farmers of northern NSW and QLD, the sugarcane gets extracted shortly after harvest in our factory at Mulgrave, thus ensuring all goodness, such as calcium, iron, and potassium, remain in the product.

Un-processed, unbleached, with no chemicals, other than pasteurisation, the juice is kept in its natural form at all times.


We selected to use Tahini in all our dessert products, as we found that it is a beautiful contributor to the flavour, adds a healthy richness with an abundance of various vitamins and minerals. To name a few- Tahini is high in anti-oxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is rich in Vitamin B6, Phosphorous, Manganese and Thiamine.

Essential Oil (Rosemary):

We chose to use Rosemary Essential oil as a preservative; this enabled us to avoid using any chemically formulated preservative, thus keeping the products in their whole as 100% natural. The increasing body of research validates the effectiveness of a minor amount of Rosemary Essential oil in inhibiting food pathogens.

Product Launch:

The new line of Dessert Dips is being launched on March 13 to coincide with Coliace Awareness Week events. As gluten-free products and a company that manufactures gluten-free products exclusively, we feel the pride of being part of this important event and presenting such a contemporary line of products.

Sale and Distribution

We will commence the sale of the new Dessert Dips through our online store by March 13. (Syndian Online customers can start ordering by March 11) Gradually, we will expand to other retail outlets throughout our usual channels, such as independent groceries and health food outlets.

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